Innovation of Business

and the
Business of Innovation™


Innovation ToolKits

Decisive Acceleration

Proactive decisions for ROI (cash flow)
and brand equity (customer loyalty)


If we don’t have the time to do it right,
when will we have the time to do it over


Seven InnoKits™  
from the Innovators' Edge



Innovation InnoKit™

Strategic Identity

Decisions for Innovators

Powerful, proactive decisions for

innovation and branding

Innovation – “Strategic Identity” for ideas, technologies, products ready for sale, projects, businesses, companies, conglomerates, Federal Laboratories, Military, NASA, etc


Operations InnoKit™

Integrated Strategy

The Team’s Edge

Better Business Choices

Operations – “Integrated Strategy” for long term goals, near term objectives, strategies objectives, planning and performance to achieve objectives on time, at cost, and with elegance.


Technology Transfer InnoKit™

Strategic Orientation

Moving Markets

Adaptive Achievement of Objectives

Technology Transfer – “Moving Markets.” Innovation is not finished until ideas reach markets. Scientists and engineers find themselves responsible for persuading internal and external organizations to continue development and marketing


Culture InnoKit™

Integrated Ethos

Criteria for Community

The Value of Collaboration

Culture – “Integrated Character” for business levels from individual to corporation. Improving culture encourages staff, and every part of a business has its own culture.



Concept InnoKit™

Rapid Evaluation

Early Review

Early go-no/go decisions

Concept – “Rapid Evaluation” of ideas and opportunities. Management can use this Kit to focus investment in both and talent and new ideas, inventions


Communications InnoKit™

Customer-Centered Persuasion

Influencing Minds

Durable Relationships!

Communications – “Tactical Influence.” Focus on brand as a value promise accepted by target markets. Persuasive delivery of information to target markets. Sets foundation for sales. Establishes strategies and tactics for communication and branding.


Market InnoKit™

Strategic Focus

The Innovators’ Edge

Changing the Game

Market: “The Innovators Edge™”– Opening or modifying a market may require all of the first six kits. The Market Kit integrates focus, process, and leverage to out-perform competition.


Pricing and Target Launch Dates: Each a complete innovation business


Identity                            $ 89   June 1, 2012
Operations                      $ 89   August 1
Technology Transfer         $ 69   November,
Communications              $ 69   January 1, 2013
Culture                           $ 49   March 1
Concept                         $ 49   May 1
Market                           $ 49   July 1