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Facilitator Training

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InnoKits are designed to be self explained. On the other hand, experience can speed learning and confidence. Market Engineering offers support services, though we no longer seek consulting opportunities. Our focus is development and marketing of InnoKits.  

Market Engineering will contract clients interested in accelerating application of purchased InnoKits. For most, Gary Lundquist will support those needs by email and phone.

A logical support request for such a contract would be to review Appendix, Synthesis, and/or Statement of Innovation.

Client will agree to fees (time on phone, time online, and time working separately on behalf of client. 

If client wants on-site support, consulting fees kick in. The contract will include

hourly fees including all travel.

Over time, Market Engineering will foster an InnoKit™ community. Those who have done complete processes then submitted for review can become "Market Engineers." Rather than rely on a single expert, we hope to develop a suite of experts to support InnoKit users. Together, we can literally change the world.


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