Innovation of Business

and the
Business of Innovation™


Promise: Energize Innovation™

MissionSustainable Market Leadership, Sustainable Change Leadership

Commitment: Effective innovation of businesses and productive businesses of innovation.

Products: Innovation ToolKits branded as InnoKits

Philanthropy: 20% of InnoKit revenue will go to worthy charities and other philanthropic organizations.


Serving You

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Market Engineering, Inc. Supports innovation through consulting and knowledge delivery.

Innovator's Edge. A business unit that develops and markets a suite of proprietary Innovation ToolKits based on decades of consulting.

Gary Lundquist: An Innovation catalyst and developer of InnoKits™. He has served industry, government, and the military with strategic and product innovation. Author, speaker. More at “About Us.”

InnoKits™: Processes for innovationand marketing, each a complete business. Seven Kits will be offered. Timing on the PR page.

Facilitator Training and Support – Support for InnoKit purchasers. Fees at consulting rates, including travel. 

www.InnovationToolKits.comBlog on practices of applying InnoKits™. Opportunity to ask questions, improve applications, and get feedback from other blog visitors.

www.ColoradoInnovationNewsletter.comBlog of essays on innovation and marketing to stimulate your ideas.

Free Knowledge Base: Click the tab on the main menu.

Dictionary of Innovation and Marketing, 23th Edition

Customers and Wealth Creation, 19th Edition

-------------------------------------- – For fun. Lundquist has a completely other life.)



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