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The Market InnoKit has double impact. The obvious is  focus is opening an entirely new market. The InnoKit focus is integration of six innovation processes to deliver integrated products, communications, and businesses.

Market initiatives can be treated as products with strategies and impact on corporate culture. Integration implies applications of technolgies from all parts of the business. Interactions of disparate business functions require abilties to speak and communicate languages of engineering, finance, and more.

This kit will be developed over the next year as each of the other six InnoKits are launched. Market Engineering and the Innovators Edge will evaluate options and formalize results within the time frame published here.

Elements Are 

Innovation – “Strategic Identity” for ideas, technologies, products ready for sale, projects, businesses, companies, conglomerates, Federal Laboratories, Military, NASA, etc.

Operations – “Integrated Strategy” for long term goals, near term objectives, strategies objectives, planning and performance to achieve objectives on time, at cost, and with elegance.

Culture – “Integrated Character” for business levels from individual to corporation. Improving culture encourages staff, and every part of a business has its own culture.

Concept – “Rapid Evaluation” of ideas and opportunities. Management can use this Kit to focus investment in both and talent and new ideas, inventions..

Communications – “Tactical Influence.” Focus on brand as a value promise accepted by target markets. Persuasive delivery of information to target markets. Sets foundation for sales. Establishes strategies and tactics for communication and branding.

Technology Transfer – “Moving Markets.” Innovation is not complete until ideas reach markets. Scientists and engineers find themselves responsible for persuading internal an external organizations to continue development and marketing. Markets are complex. Influencers abound inside businesses and in markets, from R&D to corporations.

Market: “The Innovators Edge™”– Opening or modifying a market may require all of the first six kits. The Market Kit integrates focus, process, and leverage to out-perform competition. 



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