Innovation of Business

and the
Business of Innovation™
Your Bottom Line
would you...
launch an innovation
without acceleration?

What if you could accelerate your return on investment. 

We’ve all seen the pictures. The countdown, the ignition, the majestic rise on pillars of flame. From dead stop to 5 miles a second in five minutes.

Now that's acceleration!

Business wants that rocket ride – faster growth and higher returns. But first, we have to overcome barriers to acceleration. More of the same performance won’t do. More of the old mindsets won’t get us into orbit.

It takes the business equivalent of a rocket: Strategic focus plus broad stakeholder satisfaction plus perception management. In other words, it takes innovation plus branding. Innovation fuels wealth creation. Branding fuels equity creation.

At Market Engineering, our job is to help you put your business on a rocket ride to market leadership. Indeed, we seek a 10-1 or better return on your investment in our services.

“You showed why change is inevitable, yet exciting if viewed and accepted properly. Most scientists I know would benefit from realizing that their job is not to do science, but to use science to reach personal and corporate goals.”
Ray Wells, Team Leader,
Air Force Research Laboratory

The Pain Cycle in Business

Sadly, business today often suffers from mindsets and strategies built on outdated modes of operation.

Managing instead of leading
Weak and incomplete visions
Slow or no innovation
Tactics instead of strategy
Costs to cover mistakes
Weak or no branding
Focus on products instead of customer satisfaction
Selling for sales rather than durable relationships
Fear and resistance to change

Running business that way robs us of our just rewards. We know names for the pain.

Ineffectiveness: Doing the wrong things, or for the wrong reasons, or at the wrong time, or etc. Making wrong decisions that lead to wrong actions company wide. Low ROI, no matter how hard people work. No shared vision, disjointed efforts.

Inefficiency: Doing things wrong. Rework, do-overs, always catching up, never enough time to do it right. Confused staff and management. Questioning of directions, methods. Delays, delays, delays

Lost opportunities: Products too late, wrong features for the market, lost sales, weak negotiating positions, lost ability to invest in the future, lost positive momentum, lost exit strategies. Less upsell and cross-sell. Fewer referrals, lower customer loyalty. Everything harder than it should be. Frustrations, headaches, ulcers.

High costs: Costs of overcoming ineffectiveness, inefficiency, and lost opportunities. High costs of capital. Lost flexibility in resource allocation. Longer time to payout on investments.

Weak image: No or misunderstood value propositions. No connection of product or company name to the value delivered. Weak brands and branding strategies. Lack of credibility. Image as tactical, not a strategic market leader. Ineffective market relationships. Weak personal reputation and credibility.

Lack of confidence: Within staff, management, industry analysts, and especially customers, distributors, allies, and shareholders. Indecision, hesitation. Blaming, cover ups, self protection. Inability to turn things around

Low Return on Investment: Delays in development, delays in sales, lower sales, lower customer loyalty. Lower equity in the business and its brands. Lower dividends and share value.

Market Engineering delivers wealth creation

with innovation and branding

done together, done strategically.

Change is not a choice. Every business creates change. Every professional discipline delivers change. Our only choice is what changes to make, and how.
Timing is not a choice. The pace of change is accelerating. Our only choice is to accelerate productivity.
Leadership is not a choice. We need practical, actionable visions of who we want to become, where we want to go, and how we intend to get there. We either lead or fall behind.
Clarity is not a choice. What we believe influences how we act.
Power is not a choice. Power to innovate, brand, and compete. Power to change the world with products and services that return profits and market loyalty. Power built on leadership, guided by strategy, and backed by principles and processes that embody change and adaptability. We either choose to evolve, or we’ve chosen to fail.

We enable that rocket-ride acceleration by helping you to stop the cycles of pain.



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