Innovation of Business

and the
Business of Innovation™

Thriving in Times of Change

Change challenges every aspect of business. Hesitate and we lose our edge, yet making great decisions isn’t easy. You knew that long before economic meltdowns turned the heat up.

Mistakes are expensive: inefficiency, waste, lost confidence, low revenues, weak market image, and eventual failure to survive.

Innovation is the solution, yet few teams manage. Common errors stall projects and kill return on investment.

? Businesses see innovation as evolution of products – the business of innovation. In truth, businesses must evolve just as much as their products – the innovation of business.

? Businesses may think customers buy products. Not so. Customers buy what they think the product will do for them.

? Businesses think brands are owned, names tagged onto products. A crucial mistake. Brands are value promises. Businesses cannot own their brands. Their markets do.

Success depends on relationships developed by consistently delivering desired value better than any competition.

Brand equity is the single most valuable asset of any business. Mistakes seriously compromise our potential.

Market Engineering's Innovation processes can make a huge difference. 



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