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Client List and Selected Stories

Services Client List and Selected Stories

Air Force Research Lab
Air quality control
The Human Effectiveness Directorate (organization, program of portfolios)

Alberta Opportunity Company (a venture capital firm)
Hydrocarbon diagnosis (market assessment, company assessment)

Amoco Petroleum Geosciences (a portfolio of technologies and services)
Technical Computing (a portfolio of technologies and services)
Portfolio Management (a strategy for management)

Optimization software

Army Environmental Center The Environmental Technology Division (a department of portfolios of technology validation services)

British Petroleum
Geophysical research (a portfolio of technologies and services)
Lithology / fluids prediction
The Shared Petrotechnical Resource (a department of portfolios)

Bureau of Mines
Mine roof support systems, Ore hoisting system
Mine management system
Magnetic levitation ore transport system
Manufactured landforms

Chevron Research & Technology and Chevron International Oil Company

"You managed to force our entire group to focus on difficult and important issues. Results are remarkably effective in terms of eliciting customer preference."
Dave Schwartz, VP, EDCON, Inc.

Residuum demetalation refining
Residuum upgrading refining system
Onstream-catalyst-replacement reactors
Lube-oil wax conversion catalysts
Chevron's line of refining catalysts
Chevron Technologies (the portfolio of refining technologies)

Virtual collaboration (the company)
e.Collaboration (a portfolio of services)

Colorado Innovation Summit
Conference serving innovators and innovation in the broadest sense

DaVinci Institute
Entrepreneur Support System

Gravity and magnetics acquisition and processing (the company)
Sea/air gravity meter
Tail-buoy magnetometer

Federal Laboratory Consortium
Research in technology transfer best practices
Training in technology transfer

Green Mountain Geophysics
Front-end seismic processing (the company)
Refraction statics software
Seismic survey geometry software

ICCE Technologies
Complexity management (the company)
Control-center systems

Mid-Continent Tech Transfer Center
Services in technology transfer and commercialization (the organization)

NASA Headquarters
Marketing strategies and plans (the ten technology-transfer offices)

NASA Space Communications Office
Space and aerospace communications (the organization, a department of portfolios)

National Technology Transfer Center
Training and services in technology transfer for the federal lab system

NAVSYS Corporation
Global positioning technologies (the company) Low-cost GPS tracking systems

"We had spent millions developing the device, but had given little attention to what turned out to be a major effort - packaging R&D for commercial use." Jack Marrelli,

Command and control systems (a department of portfolios)
Transportation management systems (technologies and project management)

NIOSH Acumen a
Cross-cutting program for Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

National Research Agenda for MSD

NIOSH Health Effects Lab
Basic science in causes and effects of workplace injury and disease
Research to Practice – development of a practical model for technology transfer
Mini-G: – Bio-motion monitor for performance and health effectiveness
Personal Bio-Aerosol Sampler: Measurement of particulate impurities in the air breathed by an individual

NREL – National Bioenergy Center
NREL Facility for Advanced Bioprocessing (NFAB)

Paragon Dynamics
Real-time collaboration software Paradigm Geophysical Model-based exploration systems (the company) Seismic velocity-analysis software Depth-conversion software

"Gary Lundquist came to this assignment armed with material and ideas and led us through two full days of animated and focused discussion. There was complete consensus among those who attended that the time was well spent.”
Jim Hornsby,
Western Atlas Software

Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Technology training and acquisition services (the organization)

Pohlman and Associates
Services in technology evaluation (the company)

Power Probe Geophysical
Hydrocarbon diagnosis (the company)
Hydrocarbon diagnosis services

Product Development and Management Association (Denver Chapter)
Professional association focused on innovation

Reid Crowther
Sewage treatment processes simulation

Sierra Geophysics
Modeling and interpretation software (the company)
3-D raytracing and wave-equation seismic modeling systems
Well-log analysis and synthetic seismogram systems
Seismic processing systems, including refraction statics
Seismic interpretation systems, including data management

Geologic modeling software

Technology Transfer Society
Knowledge, methods, contacts (the Society)

Tech Start
Entrepreneur development

Texaco Development Corporation
Microwave watercut monitor, Three-phase subsea metering system
Oil-concentration logging equipment
Fluid-shutoff services, Sand-control services
Impedance watercut monitors

Virtual collaboration hardware and services

Western Atlas
Market research in exploration software systems

Western Atlas Software
Seismic interpretation workstation

High-end mapping services



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