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“It is rare to find a single individual not only extremely creative, but also business-minded enough to effectively market creativity.”

 Thomas Mason
Senior Vice President, R&D, Fisher-Price

We engaged Market Engineering to help us commercialize technologies developed within our R&D lab.  Market Engineering introduced marketing processes and worked with several of our R&D groups to enhance their abilities to transfer technologies.  I am most pleased with Market Engineering's services and would recommend the company as an excellent resource for marketing in a high-tech environment."

Robert ClarkBusiness Development, 
Texaco Development Corporation

“Dr. Lundquist’s unique product-marketing methods helped our people better understand their technologies from a customer perspective.  Skeptical at first, most became eager and constructive participants once they understood the process.  The methods were appropriate for every technology analyzed.”

Robert ClarkBusiness Development
Texaco Development Corporation

“Our company experienced a 100% increase in sales volume in the year following our initial work with Dr Lundquist.  Less tangible benefits include better corporate focus, more effective communication with clients, and a marketing plan framework we use on an ongoing basis.  Dr. Lundquist helped make us a value-driven rather than a product-driven company.”

Rolf D. Wenzel
Vice President, PowerProbe

“With Dr. Lundquist’s guidance, the company was able to clearly define and powerfully present the value of its products to prospective customers.”

Doug McKinnon
Venture Capitalist, Alberta Opportunity Company

“Your approach to strategic marketing is very clear, understandable, and, most importantly, useful to us in running our business on a day-to-day basis.”

Dennis Metcalf
VP Corporate Development, IDEX Corporation

"You are the most tireless, forceful, compelling advocate for delivery of value that I've ever found.  The scientists and engineers out there in corporate America need you more than ever, so keep doing battle for them."

John Bers
Professor, Vanderbilt University

"Market Engineering helped us define our goals and desired position in the marketplace.  We can now be more productive, competitive, and efficient.  Decisions can be made at all levels with confidence.  Our investment will easily pay off in hedging unproductive actions.  Market Engineering is a must for any company that wants to stay ahead in a competitive market."

Diane Taylor
Director, Green Mountain Geophysics

"You managed to force our entire group to focus on difficult and important issues. Results are remarkably effective in terms of eliciting customer preference."

Dave Schwartz
Vice President, EDCON, Inc.

"Gary Lundquist came to this assignment armed with material and ideas and led us through two full days of animated and focused discussion. There was complete consensus among those who attended that the time was well spent.

Jim Hornsby
President, Western Atlas Software

"Your tools are unique and provide a quantitative analysis in a qualitative world."

Wes Wilson
Vice President, Tech-Logic

"We had spent millions developing the device, but had given little attention to what turned out to be a major effort – packaging R&D for commercial use."

Jack Marrelli
Scientist, Texaco EPTD

"Your R&D vision is very comprehensive. Congratulations on a thoughtful message."

Thomas Mason
Senior Vice President, Fisher Price

"R&D; groups, in general, have difficulty with the marketplace. You provide a unique mechanism to help researchers and developers better understand, adapt, and contribute to the commercial world that exists outside the labs."

Bob Clark
Business Development, Texaco Development Corporation

"You were a definite favorite with participants. Thanks so much!"

Laura Fine,
Director, National Innovation Workshop

"Thank you for the fine presentation at the Conference in D.C. You saved the session!."

Dave Swanson, Technology Transfer

"You have a wonderful style that keeps the audience involved and interested."

Karen Eye, Director
"Converting Technology into Money"

"You are the most tireless, forceful, compelling advocate for delivery of value that I've ever found."

John Bers
Vanderbilt University.

"Market Engineering enhanced my awareness of the company's goals and its attemptive position in the marketplace. I now feel that we can be a more productive, competitive, and efficient company.  Decisions can be made at all levels with confidence.  Even though it was three days out of my hectic schedule, I know that will easily pay off in hedging unproductive decisions. I feel Market Engineering is a must for any company that wants to stay ahead in a competitive market."

Diane Taylor, Director
Green Mountain Geophysics



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